Online Dispute Resolution & SEL Monitoring for Kids

Available for 2017-2018

How Otter Works

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Otter provides a comprehensive set of SEL features for your school

Mitigates bullying

Conflict resolution and SEL tools mitigate bullying

Built-in training

Kid-friendly, teacher-developed, conflict resolution training


Encourages student reflection on the positive through guided questions


Helps students resolve their own conflicts

Rich reporting data

Provides valuable SEL data in multiple areas for teachers and administrators

Easy-to-use interface

Simple interface designed for kids. Works on desktop, tablets, and phones.

Save time while getting valuable data!

A daily checkin takes most students less than 1 minute but provides extremely valuable data!

Interested in getting Otter into your school or classroom?

Pricing starts at $1.99/student per year, with discounts for Title 1 and Otter Champions.

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